Reliance Jio Announces Jio Bharat Phone - Price @Rs 999 with Unlimited Calls & 14GB Data at @Rs 123 per Month

In a groundbreaking move, Reliance Jio, the leading telecommunications giant, has once again disrupted the market with the introduction of the Jio Bharat Phone. With its unbeatable price point and impressive features, the Jio Bharat Phone is set to revolutionize the mobile phone industry and bridge the digital divide in India. Priced at just Rs 999, this device offers unlimited calls and a generous 14GB of data for a mere Rs 123 per month. Let's delve deeper into the features and significance of this remarkable offering.

Affordability Redefined:

Reliance Jio has always been synonymous with affordable communication solutions, and the Jio Bharat Phone takes it a step further. With its astonishing price tag of Rs 999, this feature-packed device caters to the masses, including those in rural areas and economically weaker sections. By making smartphones accessible and affordable, Reliance Jio is empowering millions of Indians to embrace the digital era and its numerous opportunities.

Jio Bharat Phone

Unlimited Calls and Ample Data:

One of the most attractive features of the Jio Bharat Phone is the inclusion of unlimited voice calls, allowing users to stay connected with their loved ones without any restrictions. Additionally, the offering of 14GB data per month at a nominal cost of Rs 123 ensures that users can enjoy seamless internet connectivity for various tasks, such as browsing, streaming, and staying active on social media platforms.

Nurturing Digital Inclusion:

Reliance Jio has been a frontrunner in fostering digital inclusion across the country, and the Jio Bharat Phone is another step in that direction. By providing a low-cost, feature-rich device, Jio aims to bring millions of Indians into the digital fold, enabling them to access information, education, and opportunities that were previously out of reach. The Jio Bharat Phone empowers individuals to leverage digital platforms for their personal and professional growth, narrowing the digital divide that exists in our society.

Empowering Rural India:

One of the key focuses of Reliance Jio's initiatives has been to empower rural communities. The Jio Bharat Phone serves as a catalyst for change in these areas, where affordable connectivity and access to technology have been limited. With its competitive pricing and impressive features, this device opens up a world of possibilities for rural India. It enables farmers, small business owners, students, and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of the internet and digital services to enhance their lives and businesses.

Driving Digital Literacy:

The introduction of the Jio Bharat Phone not only provides access to affordable communication but also fuels digital literacy in the country. As more individuals gain access to smartphones and internet services, they have the opportunity to learn and develop essential digital skills. This, in turn, paves the way for enhanced employability, entrepreneurship, and overall economic growth. Reliance Jio's commitment to empowering users through affordable devices is a significant step toward building a digitally inclusive nation.

Dual SIM Capability:

The Jio Bharat Phone comes with dual SIM slots, allowing users to easily switch between two different network providers. This feature offers flexibility and convenience, enabling users to manage their personal and professional contacts separately or take advantage of the best network coverage in different areas.

Expandable Storage:

The device supports expandable storage, ensuring that users have ample space to store their photos, videos, and documents. With the option to insert a microSD card, individuals can expand the phone's internal storage and enjoy the freedom to save more files without worrying about running out of space.

4G VoLTE Connectivity:

The Jio Bharat Phone is equipped with 4G VoLTE connectivity, enabling users to experience high-speed internet access. This ensures seamless browsing, faster downloads, and smooth streaming of online content, providing an enhanced user experience.

Impressive Display:

The phone features a vibrant and visually appealing display that enhances the viewing experience. Whether users are watching videos, playing games, or browsing the internet, the Jio Bharat Phone's display delivers clear and sharp visuals, bringing content to life.

Long Battery Life:

Reliance Jio understands the importance of a long-lasting battery, especially for users who are constantly on the go. The Jio Bharat Phone is designed with an efficient battery that offers extended usage time, allowing users to stay connected and engaged throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

User-Friendly Interface:

The device comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it suitable for individuals of all age groups. Whether users are tech-savvy or new to smartphones, the Jio Bharat Phone's interface ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Preloaded Jio Apps:

To enhance the overall user experience, the Jio Bharat Phone comes with a range of preloaded Jio apps. These apps offer various services, including entertainment, news, messaging, and more. Users can enjoy access to a plethora of digital content and utilities right out of the box, making their smartphone experience even more fulfilling.


The Jio Bharat Phone's game-changing price point, combined with unlimited calls and a generous data package, sets the stage for a new era of accessibility and digital empowerment in India. By making smartphones affordable and feature-rich, Reliance Jio is enabling millions to experience the benefits of connectivity and digital services. As the Jio Bharat Phone reaches the hands of more Indians, it has the potential to revolutionize lives, bridge the digital divide, and unlock boundless opportunities for growth and development. With its unwavering commitment to digital inclusion, Reliance Jio continues to shape the future of telecommunications in India.


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