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Do you know? 3,000 Types Of Cells In The Human Brain

  Human Brain A new look at the human brain is beginning to reveal the inner life of its cellular inhabitants. The human brain contains an amazing collection of diverse cells, and no two brains are cellularly alike. These are the prevailing findings of 21 papers published online on October 12 in Science, Science Advances and Science Translational Medicine. The results begin to scratch the surface of understanding the mysteries of the brain. Nevertheless, they provide the most intimate look yet at the cells that make up the brain, and clues about how the brain enables thoughts, actions and memories. The collection of data can also guide researchers in discovering the causes of brain disorders such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and depression. The new brain map The new brain map is the result of a coordinated international research effort called the National Institutes of Health's Brain Initiative Cell Census Network, or BICCN, which grew rapidly in 2017. Many of the stud