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Never Tell Anyone Your Plans

 Have you ever had a brilliant idea or an ambitious plan that you couldn't wait to share with someone? It's natural to seek validation and support from others, especially when you are passionate about a project or goal. However, there is an age-old adage that advises against sharing your plans too soon: "Never tell anyone your plans." In this blog, we explore the reasons behind this advice and delve into the benefits of keeping your aspirations close to your chest. Why Share Your Plans? The Need for Support and Feedback Sharing your plans with trusted friends or family can provide much-needed support and feedback. When you share your goals, you open yourself up to a network of people who can cheer you on during the journey. Positive reinforcement from others can boost your confidence and make you more determined to achieve your objectives. Building Accountability Telling others about your plans can create a sense of accountability. You may feel more compelled to follo