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Zika virus first case report in India in Maharashtra in 2021

Maharashtra was first reported in the first case of the Zika virus with a woman patient who was being diagnosed with the infection in the Pune district.  What is Zika virus infection? Zika virus is a disease caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes Mosquitoes.  Symptoms of Zika virus were Fever, Rash, Headache, Joint pain, Conjunctivitis (red eyes) & Muscle pain. What happens if you get the Zika virus? Many people are infected with the Zika virus with mild symptoms like a fever that lasts a day to a week. In 2020  Zika virus disease cases were reported from U.S. territories. Is there a Zika Vaccine 2020? No there is no vaccine for the Zika Virus. Is it safe to travel with Zika? No, you should not travel with the Zika Virus. According to the official health departments, the women patient in Maharastra is completely recovered from the virus. Her family has no symptoms. Meanwhile, two or more people including a 14-year girl and a 24-year woman were residents of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerel

When will 3rd wave of Coronavirus hit in India in 2021 ?

 We already know that coronavirus infected different people in different ways.  The most common symptoms of the covid are 1: Fever-   Almost 90% of people have a fever. 2: Dry Cough-   It is the first symptom of the covid 19 3: Tiredness- Almost 100% of people have Tiredness & weakness Apart from that lowest common  symptoms are 1: Aches and pains 2: Sore throat 3: Diarrhoea 4: Conjunctivitis 5: Headache 6: Loss of taste or smell  7: A rash on the skin  8: Discoloration of fingers or toes When was  1st wave of coronavirus identified in India?   The first wave of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was in Delhi on October 7, 2020. When was  2nd wave of coronavirus identified in India?  The second wave of the (Covid-19) was on April 2021. Finally, the Indian Council of Medical Research said that the third wave of Covid is likely to hit India end of August . It will not be as intense as the second wave. Speaking to NDTV, Dr. Samiran Panda, Head of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases a