Never Tell Anyone Your Plans

 Have you ever had a brilliant idea or an ambitious plan that you couldn't wait to share with someone? It's natural to seek validation and support from others, especially when you are passionate about a project or goal. However, there is an age-old adage that advises against sharing your plans too soon: "Never tell anyone your plans." In this blog, we explore the reasons behind this advice and delve into the benefits of keeping your aspirations close to your chest.

Never Tell Anyone Your Plans

Why Share Your Plans?

The Need for Support and Feedback

Sharing your plans with trusted friends or family can provide much-needed support and feedback. When you share your goals, you open yourself up to a network of people who can cheer you on during the journey. Positive reinforcement from others can boost your confidence and make you more determined to achieve your objectives.

Building Accountability

Telling others about your plans can create a sense of accountability. You may feel more compelled to follow through on your commitments when others are aware of them. The fear of disappointing those who believe in you can be a powerful motivator to stay on track.

Seeking Encouragement

During challenging times, a few words of encouragement from the right person can make a world of difference. Sharing your plans can lead to valuable words of wisdom, motivation, and emotional support that keep you going, even when the going gets tough.

Seeking Advice and Guidance

Others may have gone through similar experiences or pursued comparable goals. Sharing your plans can open doors to valuable advice and guidance that you may not have discovered on your own.

Risks of Sharing Your Plans

Jealousy and Envy

Unfortunately, not everyone will celebrate your successes wholeheartedly. Some people may feel envious or jealous of your aspirations. As a result, they might intentionally or unintentionally undermine your confidence or progress.


Sharing your plans with the wrong individuals may expose you to potential sabotage. Competitors or detractors might use the information against you, hindering your progress.

Losing Motivation

Ironically, sharing your plans too early can lead to a decrease in motivation. The act of talking about your goals might give you a false sense of accomplishment, reducing the drive to take concrete actions.

How to Share Your Plans Wisely

Choose the Right People

Be cautious about who you share your plans with. Seek out supportive and trustworthy individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed.

Be Selective about the Details

While seeking support is essential, refrain from divulging every intricate detail of your plans. Share enough to receive encouragement but keep some aspects private to protect your vision.

Evaluate the Situation

Consider the context before sharing your goals. In some instances, it might be more prudent to wait until you've made substantial progress or achieved certain milestones.

Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, trust your got feeling when deciding whether or not to share your plans. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about sharing, it's perfectly acceptable to keep them to yourself.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Plans Private

Protecting Your Vision

By keeping your plans close, you shield them from external influences that could alter or dilute your original vision.

Maintaining Focus

Without the distractions of external opinions, you can maintain an unwavering focus on executing your plans.

Avoiding External Influences

External influences may steer you away from your path. By keeping your plans private, you can ensure that your decisions are based on your true desires and not swayed by others' expectations.

Reducing Pressure

Sharing your plans can put additional pressure on you to perform or succeed, which might lead to stress and anxiety. Keeping your goals private allows you to work at your own pace.

Embracing Anonymity

Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation

Relying on your inner drive and passion for your goals can lead to authentic and sustainable motivation.

Finding Online Communities

The internet offers numerous anonymous communities where like-minded individuals support each other without revealing personal details.

Seeking Anonymous Support

Anonymity can provide a safe space to share challenges and seek advice without fear of judgment.

The Power of Self-Belief

  • Focusing on Personal Growth
  • Keeping your plans private enables you to concentrate on personal growth without external distractions.
  • Using Visualization Techniques
  • Visualizing your success privately can be a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams.
  • Developing Inner Strength
  • Facing challenges without relying on external validation can build inner strength and resilience.


In a world filled with the constant need for validation and approval, it's essential to remember that some of the most exceptional achievements come from within. While seeking support is natural, sharing your plans wisely or keeping them private can significantly impact your journey toward success. Embrace the power of self-belief and trust your instincts, for the path to your dreams lies within you.


1. Should I share my plans with anyone?

It's essential to be selective about whom you share your plans with. Choose supportive and trustworthy individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed.

2. Won't sharing my plans help me stay accountable?

While sharing your plans can create accountability, it may also give you a false sense of accomplishment, reducing the motivation to take concrete actions. Strike a balance between sharing and taking action.

3. What are the risks of sharing my plans with others?

Sharing your plans with the wrong people may expose you to jealousy, envy, or even sabotage. Be cautious about who you confide in.

4. How can I protect my vision while seeking support?

Be selective about the details you share, keeping certain aspects of your plans private to protect your vision from external influences.

5. Is it beneficial to embrace anonymity in pursuing my goals?

Embracing anonymity can offer a safe space to seek support and advice without fear of judgment, fostering intrinsic motivation and personal growth.

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