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Everything Is Easy When You Are Busy

 My Personal Life Experience It is one of my favourite quotes by Swami Vivekananda. There is indeed no daunting task in this world. According to my personal life experience, when someone like my Senior in the office gives me assignments which is new to me.  Then at first, I was very tense because I was scared of getting the worst result. Because I did not know the exact solutions to that task.  And, when I forget about the results and try to solve that problem and keep buying me at finding the solutions, then after  I get the answer. So it is 100% true that  Everything is Easy when you are busy. Every successful man was a failure at first.  But when he is searching for the right solution to the problem. It is the only way to success. Meaning of the saying The saying "everything is easy when you are busy" suggests that when we are occupied with work or activities, we tend to be more productive and efficient. This can be attributed to the fact that having a busy schedule often