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Critics Are your Best Learner

If somebody criticizes you or Insults you for your mistakes day by day then you might be embarrassed sometimes.  You feel very bad. Some people will be embraced so that they want to do suicide.  I really learn a good thing from my critics. If somebody takes these things are in a positive way, then he will be a good learner. we have an example of great people.  "The Thomas Alba Edison  " was the first guy which makes an electric bulb. The first time when people ask him you are working hard to produce light but you are not successful. He replied that " I learn about 1000 methods not to produce light ". In that time they learn from their mistakes. And after sometimes he invented the Electric Bulb .  Looking for and commenting on weaknesses is helpful and using the vector of criticism to also launch an attack is false. Those people are your colleagues. Critics Meaning in Hindi The Hindi Meaning of critics is आलोचक .  Critics are a person who insults you every time

PM Modi Launches Digital Payment Solution E-RUPI

Prime Narendra Modi on Monday 2 August 2021 launches Digital Payment Solutions E-RUPI. The Main moto for the E-RupI is to provide the specific cashless digital payment solution, via videoconference. This E-RUPI will come on 15 August 2021 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence. What is E-RUPI India? E-RUPI Digital Payment Solution: e-RUPI is a cashless and contactless instrument for digital payment. Is E-RUPI a Digital Currency? No, it is a cashless solution for digital payments that works like prepaid gift cards What is E-RUPI and How it will work? According to the statement of PMO, Beneficiaries can receive a QR code or an SMS-based electronic voucher on their mobile phones and they do not require a card, digital payment app or even internet banking access to redeem the e-voucher when availing of a service.It also ensures that the payment to the service provider is made only after the transaction is completed. You can also read my blog

Google to stop supporting public URL Submissions to its Search Index

Google Webmasters said ,” We’ve had to drop the public submission feature.” The group did not say why it was necessary to drop it. Maybe it has to do with spam issues or abuse.  Google added, “… But we remain to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps immediately.” The last time Google renewed the submit content tool was back in 2012 when it moved it to the classic Google Webmaster Tools URL. Google says webmasters should submit content only through Search Console’s Fetch as Google tool or through Sitemaps. This is really bad news for the Blackhat  Search Engine Optimization. Here the people who are doing a job in the Blackhat SEO  are almost unemployed.   Blog Resource:

How do you wish Merry Christmas? We wish you a merry Christmas

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus , who Christians believe is that the son of God.  Christians celebrate Jesus' birthday on December 25 .  About Jesus christ What is Jesus's full name? Jesus, also called Jesus Christ , Jesus of Galilee, or Jesus of Nazareth, (born c. 6–4 bc, Bethlehem—died c. ad 30, Jerusalem), religious leader revered in Christianity, one of the world's major religions Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on or near January 7.  The word “Christmas” comes from the Old English “Cristes maesse”, or the mass of Chris. Merry Christmas Song Lyrics We Wish You a Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Images Why do we say Merry Christmas and not Happy Christmas? Christmas is related to the birth of Jesus, jolly and happily singing Santa Claus, and surprise gifts and feasts. The feasts, gifts, dancing, and singing make it more if a physical display of uninhibited happiness. the entire f

Never Love the company always love the Employeer of the company

" Love your job but don't love your company because you don't know when your company stops loving you". This is the famous quote by APJ Abdul Kalam Azad . I really love this quote. If you work in a company then the company will love you only till they earn money from you. When they stop earning money from you. Then they left you. You lost your job. There are lots of ups and downs in my life. I change 6 jobs because of my low salary. How do you say good things about a company? On the other hand, If in a company some characteristics are in a workplace then the company is also a good company. 1:  Positive values. ... 2:  Relaxed and productive atmosphere. ...  3:  Commitment to excellence. ...  4:  Open and honest communication. ... 5:  Cooperation, support, and empowerment. ... 6: Sense of humor. ... 7: Compassion, respect, and understanding. ... 8: Flexibility. My first company was very good. I switched from there because I was earning very little money. Bu