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Papaya Leaves Health Benefits: What are the health benefits of Papaya?

 It's a truth that Papaya leaf juice is a boon to cure all diseases. climates and are also known as papaws or pawpaws. It's looking sweet in taste, vibrant color, and has a variety of health benefits.  Fast facts on Papaya Papaya is native to Mexico. However, it grows naturally in the Caribbean and Florida too. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), India produces the most papayas – over 5 million tons in 2013. It can be added to salads, smoothies, and other dishes. What are the benefits of eating papaya? Papaya Leaves Health Benefits:  As we all know that papaya is very beneficial for the health of all of us. But a few people know that Consumption of its leaves also gives us the freedom of many diseases. Some of them are given below: 1: To Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease. 2:Help Protect Against Certain Types of Cance 3:Boosts Your Immune System 4:Potentially Protects the Heart. 5: To protect the eyes 6: Improves Digestion. P

Critics Are your Best Learner

If somebody criticizes you or Insults you for your mistakes day by day then you might be embarrassed sometimes.  You feel very bad. Some people will be embraced so that they want to do suicide.  I really learn a good thing from my critics. If somebody takes these things are in a positive way, then he will be a good learner. we have an example of great people.  "The Thomas Alba Edison  " was the first guy which makes an electric bulb. The first time when people ask him you are working hard to produce light but you are not successful. He replied that " I learn about 1000 methods not to produce light ". In that time they learn from their mistakes. And after sometimes he invented the Electric Bulb .  Looking for and commenting on weaknesses is helpful and using the vector of criticism to also launch an attack is false. Those people are your colleagues. Critics Meaning in Hindi The Hindi Meaning of critics is आलोचक .  Critics are a person who insults you every time