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What is the difference between HighSchool or High School ?

School is our first learning center after parents. A school is a place where kids go to be educated. The full form of the school is as follows sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning. What is the Purpose of School? The main purpose of school is to prepare the kids for means that it provides the necessary skills to the kids so that they will get success in their life. Who is called a Student? A student is a person who goes to school and learns skills. What are the different types of schools? There are different types of schools is as below: State school Comprehensive school Faith school Grammar school State School - A State school is a place that is controlled by the government or a local authority, and which children can attend without having to pay. Comprehensive school- A Comprehensive school is a place where the school is offerings curricula of all subjects. Students are placed in A, B, or C “streams” according to their aptitudes and abilities. it is like a

How to Protect Yourself For Covid 19 ?

  Why is it called covid-19? Covid 19 is a new disease made in C hina's lap.  It is caused by a novel (or new) coronavirus that has not previously been seen in humans. What is the Impact of Covid19? The economic and social disruption due to this Cornavirus pandemic is divesting. Millions of people around this world lost their life due to this virus, lots of people lost their job. The economy of our country goes downward almost 5 years back due to the lockdown. How we can protect ourselves  from this virus? In a comprehensive strategy for the protection of your life with the Covid 19, the use of the mask is not sufficient. Wearing a mask is useful only when we get in contact with a small no of people. If Covid 19  is spreading within your community you can safe from this virus by using small precautions like wearing the mask, keeping your room well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning your hands, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue.  Here the basic things are, mandatory if we

Friends are the Best Part of Our Life

I believe in Friendship. No matter what you have a girl as your friend or you have a boy as your friend. But as I believe that those who have a girl as a friend. Think that she becomes his love. It happens naturally because the opposite sex has an attraction. But always try to treat her or him as your friend, not as your boyfriend or girlfriend. Because your love can leave you in trouble but your friend will always be with you until you die. Friendship Day  is not a federal holiday. It happens on Sunday, August 1,  2021 , and most businesses follow normal Sunday break hours in  India . When is friendship day 2021 in India? Friends are our part of life. On the first Sunday of August, friendship is celebrated in India. On this day we all together make a bond and make our life better and happier and make our life special. The united nations declared July 30 at united nations. International Friendship Day is celebrated annually on July 30. In 1930, Friendship Day was first organized by th