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The New Parliament House In India

 Introduction: The New Parliament House, a proposed architectural marvel, is set to become the epitome of India's democratic spirit and governance. With a vision to accommodate the evolving needs of the nation's parliamentary functions, this landmark building will stand tall alongside the iconic Sansad Bhavan, serving as the beacon of India's progressive democracy. Proposal of New Parliament in India Due to sustainability concerns with the old structure, proposals for a new parliament building to replace the existing complex surfaced in the early 2010s.  A committee was set up in 2012 by the then-speaker Meira Kumar to suggest several alternatives to the current building. The current building, a 93-year-old structure, is believed to suffer from a lack of space for the housemates and their staff. and is known to be suffering from structural issues. Despite this, the building is considered important to India's national heritage, and plans are being made to protect the str