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Comparison Of Movie Ticket Prices In India From Other Countries Will Surprise You

Why is watching movies important? Everybody loves to watch a movie. I also like to watch movie in free time. I feel that we watch the movie because our lives are full of stress, sorrow & joy. Whenever we watch a movie , I think that it is the best way to improve your culture. Is watching the movie good or bad? Watching a movie is good or bad. Nobody will answer this question. But as I strongly believe that there are lots of bad as well as good things in a movie. We should avoid bad things and grab the good ones. What are the  Scientific effects of watching movies?  It Can Improve Your Health.   It  Can Make You More Creative.    It Can Control Your Thoughts.  It Can Make You More Aggressive. Who was the father of the Hindi cinema?      Dada Sahed Phalke was the father of the Hindi cinema. When was the first movie made in India? The Indian first movie was   Raja Harishchandra in 1913. Which is the first talking movie in India? The first talking

How many types of metal Strees?

Today Every body suffer from a problem called "Metal stress".  As I fells that Stress is sometime which today pushed the man into the mental  depression.Stress can affect your physical and mental health, and your behavior. Your body responds to stress by producing chemicals and hormones to help you rise to the challenge. Your heart rate increases, your brain works faster, and you have a sudden burst of energy. How many types of  metal strees? According to American Psychological Association (APA), there are 3 different types stress — acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. 1: Acute stress:  Acute stress  is the most common types of the stress.. It’s your body's immediate reaction to a new challenge, event, or demand, and it triggers your fight-or-flight response. 2: Episodic acute stress-   When acute stress happens frequently, it’s called episodic acute stress. People who always seem to be having a crisis tend to have episodic acute

My Ideas Towards - How I choose Right Girl To Marry

Marriage is usually understood as the union and commitment between two people in an interpersonal connection that is recognized by an official business, such as the state and church, and is passionate. Nobody in this world can be able to understand the lady.  In today's our lives are full of stress and tension. We don't recognize whatever decision we have taken is wrong or right. Almost in the case of a girl,  I was failing every time.  As I am working in the private sector I have lots of interaction with the girls. Some of them are working on my team. But I can't understand the mindset of anyone. In my experience, you don't know about the mindset of the girls. As I feel the mindset of the girls is changing like the sea. As I am a simple guy. I always respect every girl. But If  I ask any girl about me to become my life partner or not then she always refuse. Because of my simple living, most of the girls thought that I am a fool. coward and I have a lack of confi

India celebrates Navy Day on December 4

                                                    India celebrates Navy Day on December 4. India celebrates Navy Day on December 4 in commemoration of Operation Trident, the attack launched by the Indian Navy on Karachi harbour during 1971's Indo-Pakistan war. It was for the first time that an anti-ship missile was used in the operation. The operation was conducted on the night of December 4-5 and it inflicted heavy damage on Pakistani vessels. India did not suffer any loss during the operation. As part of the operation, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels and ravaged Karachi harbour fuel fields in Pakistan. The Indian Navy's three warships -- INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer -- played an important role in the attack. The Indian Navy fleet sailed from Gujarat's Okha Port towards Pakistani waters to attack the Karachi port. The fleet reached 70 miles south of Karachi at night and after missiles were fired Pakistani vessel -- PNS Khaibar-- sunk.