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Job vs Own Business- Which one is better for you ?

 According to my personal life experience I want to establish my own company. Lets see how and when my dream comes true.  Why People want to open his own company ? The main reason is behind that everybody want to become freedom, self satisfaction and flexibility. One of the survey by the Monster shows that the 75% of the People don't satisfied with their current role and only 21.6 % of the people satisfied with their salary. Some Economic Times data which I like most are given below: 1 :  Only 20% of the people satisfied with their job and 80% of the people want to change his job as early as possible.  2: Factor that is more important with the job satisfaction  in India are given below:  India there is only 30% growth opportunities 25% of your job security.  25% of  flexible work environment  Only 20% of the people will get their annual Appraisal 3: Relationship with the Manager  1 : In India only 10% people have a Great Relationship  2:  30% people have a good relationship 3: 40%