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How to save your job when your senior complaint against you ?

 There is a big problem in small company now a days. People are working  in small company due to compulsion. People tried his best but due to the extra work pressure people did the mistake every time. Sometime you got the good senior for guidance but on the other hand if you don't get the good senior , you are getting scared of job termination. You don't want to go to office but due to compulsion you went office every time and you got disrespect every time. So there might be a chance of loosing your job , how to protect yourself from termination. In this blog I Achuta Nand Jha is going to share some problems and tips  faced recently in my office. I know there is a problem but there will a solutions to the every problem.  Work Culture in my Office I have been Working in my current  company since last 5 Years. I am working as a senior SEO analyst .But for the last 4 years I am expert of doing SEO with the Microsite and I donor have nay experience with the majors site. At first wh