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Never Love the company always love the Employeer of the company

" Love your job but don't love your company because you don't know when your company stops loving you". This is the famous quote by APJ Abdul Kalam Azad . I really love this quote. If you work in a company then the company will love you only till they earn money from you. When they stop earning money from you. Then they left you. You lost your job. There are lots of ups and downs in my life. I change 6 jobs because of my low salary. How do you say good things about a company? On the other hand, If in a company some characteristics are in a workplace then the company is also a good company. 1:  Positive values. ... 2:  Relaxed and productive atmosphere. ...  3:  Commitment to excellence. ...  4:  Open and honest communication. ... 5:  Cooperation, support, and empowerment. ... 6: Sense of humor. ... 7: Compassion, respect, and understanding. ... 8: Flexibility. My first company was very good. I switched from there because I was earning very little money. Bu