How to Protect Yourself For Covid 19 ?

 Why is it called covid-19?

Covid 19 is a new disease made in China's lap. It is caused by a novel (or new) coronavirus that has not previously been seen in humans.

What is the Impact of Covid19?

The economic and social disruption due to this Cornavirus pandemic is divesting. Millions of people around this world lost their life due to this virus, lots of people lost their job. The economy of our country goes downward almost 5 years back due to the lockdown.

How we can protect ourselves from this virus?

In a comprehensive strategy for the protection of your life with the Covid 19, the use of the mask is not sufficient. Wearing a mask is useful only when we get in contact with a small no of people.

If Covid 19  is spreading within your community you can safe from this virus by using small precautions like wearing the mask, keeping your room well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning your hands, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. 

Here the basic things are, mandatory if we use the mask for the protection of the Covid 19

1: Clean our hands before we put on the mask

2:Clean your hands also before you take off the mask

3:Make sure your nose, mouth, and chin are completely covered when you are wearing the mask

4: If you are using the fabric mask make sure you should not use it again for wearing and dispose of it into the trash bin.

5: Do not use the masks with Valves.

Here there are some another way which you will protect with the Covid 19

1: Avoid Crowds: There is a higher risk of spreading Covid 19 viruses in a crowd like in restaurants, bars, fitness centers, or movie theaters. So you must be avoided with the crowd.

2: Wash your hand often with the soap with at least 20- seconds especially after you have been a public place 

3: After blowing your nose with the coughing, or sneezing you also wash your hand.

4 You should wash your hand with soap or hand sanitizer after changing a diaper, caring for someone sick, touching animals or pets, and more.

5:Please use an N95 mask and put a mask cover also when you go outside

6:  The good news is that our government has recently launched two vaccines name Covishield & Covaxin. Take full preauction when you will take the vaccine.

7: Please use two masks for five days and on six days you will drying him in the sun.

8:The quality of masks will be lost if you wash them, so don't wash them always put them into the sun.

Experts still advise mask-wearing and say it's safe and effective

The US Centers for Disease Control recommends that people who are not getting the first dose or are not fully vaccinated will continue to wear masks and maintain a physical distance in the indoor and outdoor crowd. This agency also recommended that all fully vaccinated people wear masks. This is the only way to get protection from the covid 19.

Why do I need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate?

A COVID-19 vaccination certificate provides by the government of any country is a provisional or fully vaccinated certificate to ensure that we are free from the covid 19 diseases and we are able to travel any place without any restriction. If are fully vaccinated then there is less chance to spread disease from us to others.

Can I download the COVID-19 vaccine appointment slip?

Yes, we can download the appointment slip at the time of the appointment.

Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment?

yes, Senior citizens aged 45 years and above can schedule appointments online or walk into vaccination centers.

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