What is the difference between HighSchool or High School ?

School is our first learning center after parents. A school is a place where kids go to be educated. The full form of the school is as follows sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning.

What is the Purpose of School?

High School India

The main purpose of school is to prepare the kids for life.it means that it provides the necessary skills to the kids so that they will get success in their life.

Who is called a Student?

School For Students

A student is a person who goes to school and learns skills.

What are the different types of schools?

There are different types of schools is as below:

  • State school
  • Comprehensive school
  • Faith school
  • Grammar school

State School - A State school is a place that is controlled by the government or a local authority, and which children can attend without having to pay.

Comprehensive school- A Comprehensive school is a place where the school is offerings curricula of all subjects. Students are placed in A, B, or C “streams” according to their aptitudes and abilities. it is like a private school where children pay the fee.

Faith school - A school that has to provide religious knowledge to the children is called faith school.

Grammar School- Grammar schools are the school where kids are selected on the basis of their exams. Children under 11 plus age will be eligible for grammar school. It's a free school.

Also, schools are divided into two categories High school and Middle school

 Middle School -Middle school is a school for children in the fifth to eighth grades, between the ages of 10 or 13 or 1. It is for primary education.

High School- After middle school is a school for children in 9th to 12 grades, between 13-15.

High School World

Many people are getting confused with the difference between High school and Highschool

High school is for 13-15 age. It is for secondary education. HighSchool is a grammatically wrong spelling of High School. High school is a combination of two words that have two different meanings. the correct meaning is high means higher and school means a place for education. On the other hand, HighSchool is a noun used simply as a name of an organization, you can use HighSchool anywhere you want. But HighSchool is not a name of the education institute. so the correct word is High school.


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