Comparison Of Movie Ticket Prices In India From Other Countries Will Surprise You

Why is watching movies important?

Everybody loves to watch a movie. I also like to watch movie in free time. I feel that we watch the movie because our lives are full of stress, sorrow & joy. Whenever we watch a movie , I think that it is the best way to improve your culture.

Is watching the movie good or bad?

Watching a movie is good or bad. Nobody will answer this question. But as I strongly believe that there are lots of bad as well as good things in a movie. We should avoid bad things and grab the good ones.

What are the  Scientific effects of watching movies?
  1.  It Can Improve Your Health. 
  2.  It  Can Make You More Creative. 
  3.   It Can Control Your Thoughts.
  4.  It Can Make You More Aggressive.

Who was the father of the Hindi cinema?

     Dada Sahed Phalke was the father of the Hindi cinema.

Dada Sahed Phalke

When was the first movie made in India?

The Indian first movie was   Raja Harishchandra in 1913.

Raja Harishchandra in 1913.

Which is the first talking movie in India?

The first talking movie in India was Alam Ara. It was the first Indian sound film.

 first Indian sound film.

What are the primary reasons why people don't see a film at the cinema? 

As I feel that if you really enjoy a movie then you can watch the movie is in the cinema hall.  But today, when the top Internet technology develops then people, can download easily the movie with better quality and sound free from the internet and also the movie ticket cost is very high in the cinema hall. So people don't prefer to go to the watch movie in the cinema hall.   I am from the Madhubani, Bihar. Initially in my town, the three cinema hall was there. But now there is no cinema hall in the Madhubani. Because the government increases the license renewal cost and all cinema hall owners were in huge loss. That's why they closed all their cinema halls. Movie Ticket cost is also a huge concern for the people.

If you can compare the Movie Ticket Prices In India From Other Countries Will Surprise You.

Bengaluru Vs Seoul, South Korea

Indian Movie

The premium movie ticket cost Rs 562 which is almost half, compared to the movie tickets in Seoul. There the same ticket will cost Rs 1,112.

Pune Vs Paris, France

Paris Cinema hall

The premium average ticket price is Rs 470 in Pune and Rs 1607 in Paris.

Delhi is one of the most expensive cities in India. The movie ticket costs Rs 586  less than the amount one has to spend to buy a movie ticket in Moscow which is around Rs 895.

Moscow Cinema hall

These Data show that the movie ticket is lowest in India. But because of these high-speed Internet technology People don't want to go to the watch cinema in the movie.


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