My Ideas Towards - How I choose Right Girl To Marry

Marriage is usually understood as the union and commitment between two people in an interpersonal connection that is recognized by an official business, such as the state and church, and is passionate.


Nobody in this world can be able to understand the lady.  In today's our lives are full of stress and tension. We don't recognize whatever decision we have taken is wrong or right. Almost in the case of a girl,  I was failing every time.  As I am working in the private sector I have lots of interaction with the girls. Some of them are working on my team. But I can't understand the mindset of anyone. In my experience, you don't know about the mindset of the girls. As I feel the mindset of the girls is changing like the sea. As I am a simple guy. I always respect every girl. But If  I ask any girl about me to become my life partner or not then she always refuse. Because of my simple living, most of the girls thought that I am a fool. coward and I have a lack of confidence. But I think that these are not the weak points of my life. Everybody is suffering from the same things.  In the case of the job, I  have some weaknesses. Because Even through  I am an engineer  I couldn't get a good job.Due to my week points.  I didn't get good job opportunities. Now I am working on improving my week points. I think that most of the boys have some week points like me but they have lots of girlfriends why? 

 Because I realize that 90% of girls love money.

Girls Love money

If you have money and you spent your money with girls then you should enjoy your life every time. It's human nature. Most of the marriage was broken because the girl's spouse is not earning money.

So If you don't have money then how you will search the right girl for your marriage. It's a big dilemma.  If you are looking for a girl who is earning money. At the same time, the same girls are looking for a guy who is earning better to her.   As I feel that to choose your life partner some things are important.

1: She is not asking you about your earning when both of you interact first
2: She should be a virtuous woman.
 3: She honors you.

And the most important thing that you must be honest with her and don't tell her to lie. 

Marriage can be fun, crazy & unpredictable so strap in and enjoy ups and down of their roller coaster ride.
It doesn't matter your situation is worst or good.  It will better after some time. 


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