Microsoft Bing Search and Copilot Face Downtime; Users Flag Issues

New Delhi, India: Microsoft Bing Search and Copilot, the GPT-4 AI chatbot, are currently experiencing downtime, leaving users across the globe unable to access these services. Hundreds of users have reported issues, and the outage seems to have affected both the search engine and the AI chatbot.

What’s Happening?

Bing Search: The company’s search engine, Bing, is currently down. Users attempting to visit are encountering errors or a grey-coloured webpage with the Bing search pane. Some receive a message stating, “Bing isn’t available right now, but everything should be back to normal very soon.” The outage has impacted users’ ability to look up information on the internet.

Microsoft Bing Search and Copilot Face Downtime; Users Flag Issues

Copilot: Microsoft Copilot, powered by GPT-4, is also affected. Some users report that Copilot remains stuck on the “Loading” screen, followed by an error message: “We are sorry but we’re unable to connect to the service at this time.” The exact cause of the outage remains unclear, and Microsoft has yet to provide an official statement regarding the issue.

DuckDuckGo: Even DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine that relies on Bing, is experiencing disruptions. Users of DuckDuckGo are also unable to access the service1.

Impact and User Reactions

Global Outage: The outage began around 3 AM ET on May 23, 2024. Users in Asia and Europe appear to be the ones primarily affected by the issue.

Frustration and Humor: Social media platforms are abuzz with frustrated users sharing their experiences. Some tweets express humor, while others lament the impact on productivity. Here are a few examples:

“Copilot down – that’s my productivity done for the day.” – Phil

“Bing services are not in India, Copilot and other things are not working?” – Vivek Chahal

“Bing is down. Sidney has escaped. She was not a good Bing.” – Benjamin De Kraker

Service Restoration

As of now, Microsoft has not provided an estimated time for service restoration. Users are eagerly awaiting updates, hoping for a swift resolution to the outage. Meanwhile, the DALL-E-powered Bing Image Creator tool is also affected, displaying the same error message as Bing Search.

Stay tuned for further updates as Microsoft works to resolve the issue and restore access to Bing Search and Copilot.



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