Fighter Movie : Story, Directed By Siddharth Anand

 It should be an action film, there should be some crazy villain from Pakistan, the hero should be our soldier, there should be some painful feelings, along with one or two sizzling songs...that's it. This is the latest box office formula of Hindi cinema. It is true that action films are the highest-grossing film category worldwide, but the film 'Fighter' is more of a show reel of the Indian Air Force than a masala film.

This film shows that if the Indian Air Force is determined then how dare these crazy people from the neighboring countries even think of looking at India. The film 'Fighter' will be compared to Tom Cruise's films 'Top Gun' and 'Top Gun Maverick', people who have seen Kangana Ranaut's 'Tejas' will also find similarities with it, but this film is of Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone. And, these two factors are enough to watch the film 'Fighter' in theatres.

Fighter Movie : Story, Directed By Siddharth Anand

Yes, the fans of both will definitely be disappointed if the song 'Ishq Jaisa Kuch' filmed on Hrithik and Deepika is not seen in the film.

Fighter Movie story

Fighter is a Bollywood action drama film directed by Siddharth Anand. In this film, the brand new pair Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone are seen in the lead roles. Apart from these, Anil Kapoor has also appeared in the film. The film is produced by Viacom18 Studios and Marflix Pictures.

The film is India's first aerial action franchise. The producers of the film are Mamta Anand, Ramon Chibb and Anku Pandey. Music director Vishal Shekhar has composed 5 sound tracks for this film.

Let us tell you that this film has been shot in places like Mumbai, Assam, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir.

Fighter is a patriotic action drama film, which depicts the life of the Indian Air Force.

This is the story of Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania, Squadron Leader Meenal Rathod and Captain Rakesh Jai Singh, the country's air force protectors, who come together to form Air Dragon against terrorism as Indian security forces attack in Pulwama, Kashmir. 40 soldiers were martyred in the attack and this attack was carried out by dreaded terrorist Azhar Akhtar (Rishabh Sahni). Indian Air Force has received orders to give a befitting reply to the terrorists, but will they be successful in this mission? This is the plot of the story of this film.

 Fighter Movie Production

The film was announced on January 10, 2021, but due to the Corona pandemic, the pre-production of the film was significantly delayed. Finally the shooting of the film has started at the end of November 2022. Let us tell you that real Indian Air Force cadets worked for the film.

Air Force Salute Namaste..

The film ‘Fighter’ tells in the very beginning that it is a film made with the cooperation of the Indian Air Force. Raman Chhib, one of the producers of the film, himself has served in the Air Force. He has also written the script. Siddharth Anand has done a lot of research in crafting the story, script and dialogues of the film.

The story of the film revolving around Jammu, Hyderabad and Lucknow is written by Shamsher Pathania. His calling name is Patty in the army and Shammi at home. His heart is broken and because of what his CO believes, he is also angry with him. A new action team is being formed. Meenal Rathod becomes a part of it. As soon as she sees Patty, she doesn't fall in love with her but takes a lot of interest in her appearance.

A relationship seems to be forming between the two but then something happens that Patty is sent back to the Air Force Academy. Here, Jammu's action team disintegrates in an operation. On the other hand, Patty decides to leave the job, but in war there are no rules and regulations, victory is necessary. There is also a dialogue in the film, 'There is only victory or defeat in war, there is no man of the match.' Another dialogue on team building is worth noting, 'The one who is playing alone, is playing against the team. Is happening.'

Bang bang in Pakistan..

This is Siddharth Anand's eighth film as a director. He has become a master of visual effects and computer graphics imaging. Siddharth started a new series of action films with Hrithik Roshan with the film 'Bang Bang'. He opened his claws in the film 'War' and the film 'Pathan' became the highest destination of his new flight. The film 'Fighter' has given him the courage to become a producer

Siddharth has made the film 'Fighter', made for about Rs 200 crore, like a masala Hindi film. He keeps cooking the love story between Hrithik and Deepika on a low flame and does not call Pakistan an enemy country of India.

 He makes terrorism operating from the soil of Pakistan the villain of his film and in this exercise he brings a new face of the villain in the film. Siddharth does not show how dangerous this is, he just tells. The villains of the film 'Fighter' are the biggest weakness of this film. Rishabh Sahni has done his best with long hair and a red eye to increase the tension of the film but he does not have the personality to become the 'villain' of Hindi cinema. His condition is similar to that of Emraan Hashmi who became the villain in the film 'Tiger 3'. Effort is complete, effect is minor.

Hrithik and Deepika's Tara Rum Pum

Well, people are not going to watch the film 'Fighter' for Rishabh Sahni. The opening of the film does not look very special. There is no curiosity among people about the film like Siddharth's previous film 'Pathan'. The film seems to be weak due to two more reasons. Firstly, this film seems to be a show reel of the Indian Air Force. 

And, secondly, by eliminating different theories regarding the Pulwama attack, it tries to establish it as a Pakistan-sponsored incident. Both the factors give a boost to the film and wherever Indian Air Force fighter planes or helicopters are seen performing aerobatics, those scenes are exciting, but the story?

The story of the film is not such that people would want to watch it again after four-five years. This film has all the elements to become a classic film, but as soon as the focus of the film deviates from the story, the film falters. The biggest victory of Siddharth Anand in this film is that he was successful in bringing Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone together.

He has done two more films with both of them. Siddharth should learn a few more things to make a film on people in uniform. Like what is a normal salute, when, who can salute and to whom? And, how to salute when there is no cap on the head?

Emotional war between daughter and father

And, now let's talk about Deepika Padukone. Deepika, one of the most successful actresses of Hindi cinema, has a special connection with the date of 25 January. This time also this film has released on the same date. Her watery eyes are enough to bring tears to any viewer's eyes.

The scene in the film in which Mini's parents come to her base to accept their mistake, is not only the heart of the film, but it is also an attempt by Indian parents to help their daughters choose the career of their choice. Give freedom, even if daughters do not want to join the army! Deepika is the foundation of the film 'Fighter', which gives strength to the film.

She plays the role of a girl who takes the initiative in love. He is a child rejected by his father. She is also seen giving this message to crores of parents of the country that the children rejected from home are never able to live in peace. Karan Singh Grover, Akshay Oberoi, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Talat Aziz have played the supporting roles of the film powerfully.

And, among all these supporting actors, Anil Kapoor was the biggest. In this character swinging between the hatred of a brother who lost his sister and the love for the duty of a responsible officer, Anil has demonstrated his acting ability brilliantly.


The film's album has five songs, including an emotional song and the music of the film is composed by the duo Vishal-Shekhar. And the first song of this film "Sher Khul Gaye" has been released on 15 December 2023.


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