What is office politics?

Office politics refers to the complex dynamics and power struggles that exist within a workplace. It involves the informal relationships, behaviors, and tactics employed by employees to gain power, influence, and recognition. 

Here are some ways in which office politics can potentially impact job loss:

Exclusion and Marginalization: In politically charged environments, individuals who do not actively participate or align with influential groups may find themselves excluded or marginalized. This exclusion can lead to a lack of opportunities, decreased visibility, and ultimately, increased vulnerability to job loss.


Sabotage and Undermining: In highly political workplaces, some individuals may engage in tactics to undermine their colleagues or sabotage their work. This can be done to gain a competitive edge or to eliminate perceived threats. Such actions can jeopardize an individual's reputation, performance, and ultimately their job security.

Favoritism and Nepotism: Office politics can sometimes involve favoritism or nepotism, where certain individuals receive preferential treatment based on personal relationships rather than merit. This can lead to unfair distribution of resources, opportunities, and promotions, putting others at a disadvantage and potentially risking their job security.

Backlash from Power Struggles: In intense power struggles within an organization, individuals who align themselves with losing factions or fail to navigate these dynamics carefully may face backlash. This can include being targeted for retribution or being seen as expendable when management changes occur or when powerful individuals assert their influence.

Targeting Whistleblowers: In environments where unethical or illegal practices are prevalent, individuals who expose wrongdoing or blow the whistle may become targets of retaliation. They may face professional repercussions, including job loss, as those implicated in the wrongdoing seek to protect themselves and their positions.

It is important to note that these scenarios can occur in politically charged workplaces, but their occurrence and impact may vary depending on the specific organization and the individuals involved. It is always advisable to navigate office politics carefully, maintain professionalism, and seek support when facing challenges to minimize the risk of job loss.


Dealing with office politics can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can navigate this complex landscape more effectively. Here are some practical tips on how to deal with office politics:

Stay Neutral: It's important to remain impartial and avoid taking sides in office conflicts or gossip. Refrain from spreading rumors or participating in negative conversations. By maintaining a neutral stance, you can avoid getting caught up in unnecessary drama and maintain a professional image.

Build Positive Relationships: Cultivate positive relationships with your colleagues based on trust and respect. Focus on building alliances and connections with individuals who value collaboration and teamwork. These relationships can provide support and protection when navigating political situations.

Be Professional and Ethical: Always conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner. Uphold your values and integrity, even when faced with challenging situations. By demonstrating a high level of professionalism, you can gain the respect of your colleagues and navigate office politics with integrity.

Seek Understanding: Take the time to understand the motivations and perspectives of others. This empathetic approach can help you identify the underlying dynamics and reasons behind certain political behaviors. By seeking to understand, you can respond more effectively and find common ground with your colleagues.

My Personal Experience

When you entered in your new job. Then you are happy that finally you got a new job but these things not happen. There is a politics called office politics. This office polices is very danger our to your life because of these office politics not only you loose your self esteem bunt also you are loosing your confidence,

There are two types of people go ahead in office -

1: Those who licking the shoes of owner

2: Those who make the easy of owner work

People those who licking the shoes of the owner will be get the good salary but he will loose confidence also he has low knowledge . He will not getting good job in future. On the other hand people who make the owners work easy will get exposure fast and also make his career growth easy in his life. The whole company will be in in depression when such type of people left the job. Always will the second one.

Another things happen in office that when in emergency in a month when you have taken loots of leave people are taking about mostly your boss have been taking about the you are not a good employee. That will loose your image in office. So get overcome it you have to appear in office  in festival season when other people have taken all the leave.

There is also a slate-grey in office that people have given lots of work and when you will give your 100 percent and work till 24 hours then also you will not achieve your target . Some people will go in depression when his target will not achieve. So don't think about the job always think about your health first . You will get the new and better job. 

Human is not error free . He have also taken mistake . Accept it but donot accept it again an agin because it will loose your self esteem.

If your session always disrespect you then told him directly that don't disrespect you again and again. Yes it is true that it will make your image bad in office but your job will be easy.

Don't become the hard working employee than me. I am a hardworking employee thats why I will not success but always be smart working people you will get the success in your life. 

If you have an responsibility to trained your juniors always keys some pointers in mind

1: Don't give him your full knowledge

2: Always try to point his mistakes.

These are some valuable tips to deals with office politics.

In conclusion, office politics is an inherent aspect of many workplaces, influencing the dynamics and power struggles among employees. While it can have both positive and negative effects, understanding and effectively navigating office politics is crucial for career growth and job satisfaction.


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