How to save your job when your senior complaint against you ?

 There is a big problem in small company now a days. People are working  in small company due to compulsion. People tried his best but due to the extra work pressure people did the mistake every time. Sometime you got the good senior for guidance but on the other hand if you don't get the good senior , you are getting scared of job termination. You don't want to go to office but due to compulsion you went office every time and you got disrespect every time. So there might be a chance of loosing your job , how to protect yourself from termination. In this blog I Achuta Nand Jha is going to share some problems and tips  faced recently in my office. I know there is a problem but there will a solutions to the every problem. 

Work Culture in my Office

I have been Working in my current  company since last 5 Years. I am working as a senior SEO analyst .But for the last 4 years I am expert of doing SEO with the Microsite and I donor have nay experience with the majors site. At first when I joined here then there were 4 SEO which Is handing Search Engine Optimization but now I am the unique person which is handle the overall SEO . No body will assist me. Even though because of this major site my senior every time target me and complain against me to the director and I am scared of loosing my job. He also scared of loosing hos  job because he had spent lots of money to the Google ads with less result. So because of his job safety he will target  not only me  but also all of the people  without any reason and  I am week in theoretical points. He will best in theory. But I have a good experience in all practical aspect.  He did not have any strategy, I know if I will get the interview I will get the better job. But unfortunate  I will not get.  Also I case  I will get another job will  faced same challenges in other companies too. So what should I do to save my job? I think 90 percent of people work in a small companies have access the same challenges.

Some tips to save your job from termination

When faced with a situation where your senior has complained against you and you want to save your job, here are some steps you can take:

Remain calm and composed: It's essential to stay composed and not let emotions cloud your judgment. Take a deep breath and focus on resolving the issue professionally.

Gather information: Try to understand the details of the complaint against you. Speak with your senior to get their perspective and clarify any misunderstandings. Take notes of the conversation for reference.

Reflect on the complaint: Analyze the complaint objectively and honestly evaluate your actions or behavior. Are there any valid points raised? Accepting responsibility and demonstrating a willingness to improve can work in your favor.

Self-assessment and improvement: Identify areas where you can improve your performance or address any concerns. Proactively take steps to enhance your skills, knowledge, or communication abilities. This demonstrates a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Seek feedback from others: Talk to your colleagues or peers to gain insights into your performance. Seek constructive criticism and ask for suggestions on how you can improve. This demonstrates your willingness to learn and grow.

Communicate with your supervisor: Schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss the complaint and express your willingness to address the concerns. Be open and honest during the conversation, taking responsibility for any mistakes and outlining the steps you plan to take to rectify the situation.

Provide evidence or counterarguments: If you believe the complaint is unjustified, gather any evidence or examples that support your side of the story. Present your case calmly and professionally, explaining your actions and providing context if necessary.

Maintain professionalism: Throughout the process, maintain professionalism in your interactions with your senior, colleagues, and anyone involved in resolving the issue. Avoid gossip or negative discussions about the situation.

Follow company procedures: Familiarize yourself with your company's policies and procedures regarding conflict resolution or complaints. Adhere to these guidelines while handling the situation, ensuring that you're acting in line with the company's expectations.

Seek guidance or support: If necessary, consult with HR or a trusted mentor within the organization. They can provide guidance and support in navigating the situation and finding a resolution.

Remember, each situation is unique, and the steps above may need to be adapted to your specific circumstances. It's crucial to maintain professionalism, address the concerns raised, and demonstrate a willingness to learn and improve.

 If any one have any suggestion to improve myself kindly comment his blog.


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