When will 3rd wave of Coronavirus hit in India in 2021 ?

 We already know that coronavirus infected different people in different ways. 

The most common symptoms of the covid are

1: Fever-  Almost 90% of people have a fever.

2: Dry Cough-  It is the first symptom of the covid 19

3: Tiredness- Almost 100% of people have Tiredness & weakness

Apart from that lowest common  symptoms are

1: Aches and pains

2: Sore throat

3: Diarrhoea

4: Conjunctivitis

5: Headache

6: Loss of taste or smell

 7: A rash on the skin

 8: Discoloration of fingers or toes

When was  1st wave of coronavirus identified in India?

 The first wave of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was in Delhi on October 7, 2020.

When was  2nd wave of coronavirus identified in India?

 The second wave of the (Covid-19) was on April 2021.

Finally, the Indian Council of Medical Research said that the third wave of Covid is likely to hit India end of August. It will not be as intense as the second wave. Speaking to NDTV, Dr. Samiran Panda, Head of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research, said reducing the severity of the surge is directly linked to preventing super spreader events. The third wave of the covid 19 directly impacted the children of the country. So we have to prepare for the third wave. However, we already made the two vaccines named COVAXIN (India's First Indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine) and Covishield created by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization is used to boost immunity.

A new strain of coronavirus in 2021

The Alpha, Beta, Gama & Delta are the variants of the Coronavirus declared by the WHO.

The name of the new strain of coronavirus in 2021 will be Delta plus.

So nothing to worry about it. We will win the war of covid again. Our country's future will be bright in all aspects.

Who is eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in India?

Almost all people of every age people are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in India.

Can COVID-19 spread in hot and humid climates?

No climate does not matter in covid 19.

Do weather and climate determine where COVID-19 occurs?

No, there is no evidence that climate and weather determine coronavirus.

Can the COVID-19 survive in drinking water?

Drinking water is not transmitting coronavirus.

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