Importance of Games in Children Life.

Games are necessary for the health and proper development of the body. Games keep us bodily fit and free from disease or illness. Games always enhance the abilities and skills of children and develop their challenging spirits. It helps us in the construction of a healthy mind and fit body. It is truly seen that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so games should be practiced regularly among all the students.

Games for children

Importance of Games in Children's Life.

Games help in fostering creativity, team spirit, sportsmanship, and management skills. Children learn to cooperate with their teammates and use it in harmony with others. Games improve the overall personality of a child. It allows a child to be confident and self-reliant.

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What is the benefit of playing games?

Other brain game benefits include helping players get better with repeated tasks, and they also provide mental stimulation—something that doctors highly recommend, especially for older adults and the elderly.

What are the types of play?

1: Symbolic Play. Using objects, actions or ideas to represent other objects, actions, or ideas, e.g., using a cardboard tube as a telescope.
2: Rough and Tumble Play. ...
3: Socio-Dramatic Play. ...
4: Social Play. ...
5: Creative Play. ...
6: Communication Play. ...
7: Dramatic Play. ...
8: Locomotor Play

What are the functions of play?

Some of the more common functions of play are to facilitate physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and moral development. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Play aids in developing both fine and gross motor skills. Children repeat certain body movements purely for pleasure, and these movements develop body control.

What are the play principles?

All children and young people need to play. The impulse to play is innate. Play is a biological, psychological, and social necessity, and is fundamental to the healthy development and well being of individuals and communities. Play is a process that is freely chosen, personally directed, and intrinsically motivated.

What are Indoor and Outdoor games?

 Indoor Game: Indoor games are the games that we play inside the building. Ludo Chess, Carrom board, and more are examples of indoor games for kids. In this game which we play with our mind for example if we play chess then our planning power will be strong. It is directly related to the decisions making.  Because of this chess, children will make the right decision at the right time in the future.
Outdoor Game:  This is the game that we play outside of the building. Cricket football hockey volleyball is an example of outdoor games for kids. These games are not only in the making power of the kids but also it will enhance the physical moment of the body which turns the kids physically strong.


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