Why We can use Structured data in SEO?

Why We can use Structured data in SEO?

In search engine optimization the structured data is one which is used in SEO for adding some markup tag to your website so that we can add some additional information to the website. The results which we can get by adding these structured data is called the rich snippets.

What are Rich Snippets ?"

Rich Snippets (also known as “Rich Results”) are normal Google search results with additional data displayed.
Why We can use Structured data in SEO?

What is Rich Answer ?

Rich Answers, also known as Instant Answers (formerly Quick Answers) are answered by Google, instantly, without credit to the site.

What is the Knowledge Graph ?

The knowledge graph is the result which is showing for the gallery of the google my business?

Types of Structured Data

When search engines crawl your web page, they can only understand so much. Some elements such as videos and reviews aren’t easily understood. By adding schema markup (structured data), we can tell engines what information the web page contains. The most popular search engines support three types of schema markup formats:
  •  J SON-LD
  •   Microdata
  •  RDFA
What is JSON-LD ?

The full form of  JSON-LD is JavaScript Objective Notation for Linked Data. By using this you can create your own structure data. You have to just implement it this in your blogger or website. it is basically a Javascript code you can use it in your website.

What is Microdata?

It is also a form of structured data.

Microdata is a set of tags that allows you to mark up your web page. These tags are added directly to the HTML. Each set of tags will consist of Itemscope, Item type, and Item props.

What is RDFA?

The full form of this is the Resource Description Framework in Attributes. It is an extension to HTML5 used to markup metadata within web pages. RDFa is similar to Microdata and just like Microdata RDFa uses tags inline with the existing HTML.

I am putting you the link below to better understand these concepts

Link:   https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/intro-structured-data

These structures are implemented only when your website has not any source code error. Suppose your website has a bunch of errors. In that case, Structure data is not implemented by Google.


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